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Sep 8,2023

Exploring the Diverse World of PCB Connectors

We are surrounded by electrical appliances in our daily life but we rarely think about how they function. The main component that makes most electrical appliance function is the Printed Circuit Board (PCB). With the advancements in technology the devices are getting smaller and so is the PCB that makes them functional. PCB consists of a lot of minute components arranged in a certain way. In this blog we will take an in-depth look at the PCB connectors and how they make any appliance operational so keep reading.

PCB Connector: Why Is it Important?

PCB connector is a vital component that enables the transfer of signals between two PCBs. It can also be used to transfer signals within one PCB. PCBs are not hardwired to the circuit board and are attached on the board during assembly stage to make connection of components easier. The components of any PCB are fixed and connected through a conductive metal line.

Global Market Outlook For PCB Components

The global market for PCB components is a dynamic and thriving sector within the electronics industry. PCB components are essential elements in the assembly and functionality of electronic devices, ranging from consumer electronics to industrial machinery. With the ever-increasing demand for smaller, more efficient, and technologically advanced devices, the market for PCB components continues to experience steady growth. A typical PCB connector supplier can capitalize on this trend and expect to earn huge profits. Key drivers include the rise in electronic manufacturing outsourcing, the proliferation of IoT devices, and the adoption of 5G technology. Moreover, environmental concerns and the push for sustainability are leading to innovations in recyclable and eco-friendly PCB components.

Types of PCB Connectors:

Different devices and gadgets utilize different types of PCB connectors to make connections. Deciding which PCB connector is the most suitable depends on purpose, size, weight and power specifications of the circuit board. There are primarily three kinds of PCB connectors

Board-To-Board Connectors

Nowadays, small sized gadgets are considered to be more high-end and priced higher as they have more demand compared to bigger sized gadgets that accomplish the same function. One example is that of laptop and computer. People these days generally prefer to buy laptops compared to desktops as they are portable and easier to handle. The efficient usage of space on a PCB thus becomes essential if the gadget size has to be reduced. Board to board connectors resolve the lack of space problem on a circuit board that usually occur in larger or outdated gadgets that utilize cables to connect two PCBs together. These kinds of connectors can connect the boards in perpendicular as well as parallel design configuration. Different versions of board-to-board connectors are used in different industries such as backplane connectors used in telecommunication devices and computers. For parallel connections mezzanine connectors are utilized.

Cable-to-Cable Connectors

When the nature of appliance being manufactured is experimental then a prototype is manufactured first. PCBs used in prototypes utilize cable-to-cable connectors. This involves one end of cable that I is permanently fixed through soldering or crimping. The other end is detachable.

Cable-To-Board Connector

Similar to a cable-to-cable connector this type connector is used to make a wire connection to the circuit board. The design of such a connector consists of a wire connection that is same as cable-to-cable connection but the board connection is accomplished using a press-in connector or soldered two-piece connector.

USB Connectors

We are all familiar with USB connectors. Plugging USB to various gadgets is something that everyone does. USB connectors are interfaces that connect the usb to computers and cellphones.

RCA Connectors

These types of connectors have been around for a long time. They provide a tight connection so that audio and video can be transmitted. However, such type of connectors are being replaced by newer and more reliable connector types.

Barrel Connectors

This version of connectors is also used commonly in our daily life. A distinct feature of this connector is that it has a convertor adapter. It is a versatile connector type that can adjust to different power ratings.

Banana Connectors

Also known as banana plugs, the design of such connectors has a single conductor employed to link wires to any device. The plug connects into a jack.

Card Edge Connectors

These connectors have been specifically engineered for linking one PCB to another by smoothly inserting the edge of the board into the slot of the connector. They find widespread application in connecting expansion cards like graphics cards and RAM modules to motherboards.

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